Speyside Soap Company

Speyside Soap Company

Speyside Soap Company

Speyside Soap CompanySpeyside Soap Company

The Process

Making Our Soap


Cold process soap is made by combining oils and lye.  This causes a natural chemical reaction called saponification. This produces glycerol and a fatty acid salt which is the creation of "Soap". 

Setting the Soap


Once our soap is created it is poured in our beautifully handcrafted moulds.  This is where it will then sit for 24-48 hours before being unmoulded. 



After the Soap had been unmoulded and cut it then has to sit and wait patiently to cure for 4-6 weeks.

This curing time allows the bars of soap to breathe and for excess water to evaporate. Producing a lovely, long lasting hard bar of Soap. 

Meet the Maker

Matilda McBride

Matilda wanted to create a beautiful and luxurious soap that was unique. 

"We have plenty of lovely soap companies up in the North of Scotland that produce natural soaps. I realized that the soaps on the market lacked colour, imagination and pizzazz and this was where my inspiration came from."

Matilda wants to introduce everyone to the world of cold process soap where the colours and design "pop". 

Matilda has a passion for making and designing new soaps and is continuously working on her Handcrafted Artisan Soap Range. Matilda will be bringing new soap creations to you that she hopes will inspire and spark your imagination.