♡ Beautiful Soap, long lasting fragrance, would highly recommend and will continue to buy from. 

♡ This soap has an ultra smooth feel and a luxurious lather.

♡ Why can't all soaps be this good? 

♡ I tried a sample to see how my skin would cope, it can be quite sensitive. I'm allergic to a lot of solid soaps as they can be too concentrated. This is the first solid soap in years that I'm not allergic too! 

They smell amazing too 💗💗 

♡ I want them all! 

♡ Lovely smell from the bar of soap i got. Beautiful colours, lasts a long time. 

♡ Can't wait to purchase soaps. 

They all look amazing. 

♡ My skin is lovely and soft and I love how it keeps it's shape. 

♡ Can't wait to try all your different varieties.